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Radio Bam (or Bam Radio) was a Sirius Radio Station that aired on Mondays at 7pm, straight after The Jason Ellis Show. The show's supporting cast was originally made up of Margera's fellow CKY crew members Brandon Dicamillo and Brandon Novak, who appeared on most episodes of the show's early years, with frequent guest appearances from Ryan Dunn, Rake Yohn and Chris Raab as well as Bam's parents April Margera and Phil Margera, uncle Don Vito and occasional appearances from the Jackass crew. Radio Bam's first episode aired on 11/04/2005. The last episode aired 02/18/2013. There are over 300 Episodes. Episodes 297 & 298 haven't been recorded. If you have them please contact me. If you'd like access to the entire archive donations are preferred. Contact me for more info.

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Radio Bam #30


EPISODE 30 - 07/04/05

Episode 30 – 07/04/05

Bam Margera – Brandon DiCamillo – Rake Yohn – Joe Frantz – Brandon Novak – Ryan Gee

Video Pirates – Gnarkill

Suddenly Tragic – CKY

Final Warning – Turbonegro

Ghost of You – My Chemical Romance

-Bam talks about Novak’s new haircut and the outfit he wore to the mall

-Novak talks about how he got the new haircut in order to go to a Cradle of Filth show

-The guys rag on Novak and how gross he is for a bit

-Novak tells the story of shitting himself on the way to the airport

-Bam has the best song ever and premieres the new Gnarkill song

-Bam also has the best email he’s ever received and reads it, the email is about Missy and Bam’s past girlfriends

-Bam declares that he’s going to have a drink after that email

-Frantz has a theory that Dunn is writing all the emails posing as Kennedy

-Bam and Frantz quiz Novak on the presidents and other founding fathers

-Bam talks about the new Bloodhound Gang songs

-Bam used to love the LiveAid “We are the world” song as a kid

-Bam explains why rock music created for a cause sucks

-Shitgoose walks in and the guys start giving him a hard time

-Bam has Shitgoose read the email from earlier while he plays CKY

-Frantz reads another email out loud and the guys give the person advice

-Bam explains his problem with fast forwarding porn

-Novak talks about being afraid of gay porn turning him on and letting a guy shave his ass for heroin

-Novak pissed off the one of the producers of Viva la Bam the other day with his hard on

-Bam reads another email and clears up why he wasn’t on the Zumiez couch tour which turns out was due to his half assed tour manager

-Bam calls up Kingman and calls him out for owing Gee money, but he doesn’t answer

-Bam reads another email from a fan about Bam’s great music taste

-Novak looks through some of Gee’s girls

-Novak talks about partying at Carson Daily’s house and the girl he met there

-Bam talks about run ins with celebrities in Atlantic City

-Novak says he heard the footage of Frantz kicking his ass the other day is amazing

-Bam says it is time to go to the bar and ends the show

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