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Radio Bam (or Bam Radio) was a Sirius Radio Station that aired on Mondays at 7pm, straight after The Jason Ellis Show. The show's supporting cast was originally made up of Margera's fellow CKY crew members Brandon Dicamillo and Brandon Novak, who appeared on most episodes of the show's early years, with frequent guest appearances from Ryan Dunn, Rake Yohn and Chris Raab as well as Bam's parents April Margera and Phil Margera, uncle Don Vito and occasional appearances from the Jackass crew. Radio Bam's first episode aired on 11/04/2005. The last episode aired 02/18/2013. There are over 300 Episodes. Episodes 297 & 298 haven't been recorded. If you have them please contact me. If you'd like access to the entire archive donations are preferred. Contact me for more info.

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Radio Bam #25


EPISODE 25 - 05/23/05

Bam Margera – Brandon DiCamillo – Joe Frantz – Ryan Gee – Brandon Novak – Mark Hanna

Womb with a View – GWAR

Baby – Melody Club

Sick of You – GWAR

-Bam starts the show off by telling Raab’s worthless story about the Mexican guy

-The guys talk about the newest Star Wars movie and how ridiculous it is

-Deron’s brother met Samuel Jackson once

-All Dico does is watch ‘Commando’ all the time and the guys talk about how awful

-Novak bought a kid beer earlier that day, which leads into Bam’s story about the dickhead kid that hits a Mercedes with his car

-Novak tells the story of a guy on a dirt bike that tried to impress the Metal Mulisha guys

-The guys take a call from someone who has some dirt on Gee

-Bam plays a new GWAR song and talks about how awesome they were when they were in town

-Bam and Novak talk about the girls Novak slept with this week

-The guys then talk about Oz (he works on Viva la Bam) who never goes passed second base

-Bam talks about when the girls from MTV came down and they hated Novak

-Novak is finally getting paid to be on Viva la Bam

-Novak talks about how much Kelly and her friends hate him

-Bam tells a story about April having a party for MTV and Kelly’s dad hates Novak too

-The guys take a call from Phil in Delaware who wants to know about the Luau

-First mention of Missy!!!

-Rake didn’t come to the show because he’s fighting with his girlfriend & April heard them arguing at Bear Creek Lodge

-The guys take a call from Chad from mother fucking cKy and he lets them know he’s got a Sirius Radio, and cKy’s show on MTV2

-Bam reads off some emails

-Novak talks about the frat boy he wanted to kill the other night

-Bam talks about the kids who thought it was funny to throw piss filled water balloons at him

-They talk about all Novak’s nicknames

-Novak reads an email from a fan who accuses Bam of having awful taste in women

-The guys all defend Melissa and talk about how hot she is

-Bam questions how anyone knows the truth about the girls he dates

-Hanna talks about what he hears in Novak’s room at night

-Bam and Novak talk about “Julie” and how she’s a liar

-The guys declare the whole show dedicated to Brain Deegan

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