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Radio Bam (or Bam Radio) was a Sirius Radio Station that aired on Mondays at 7pm, straight after The Jason Ellis Show. The show's supporting cast was originally made up of Margera's fellow CKY crew members Brandon Dicamillo and Brandon Novak, who appeared on most episodes of the show's early years, with frequent guest appearances from Ryan Dunn, Rake Yohn and Chris Raab as well as Bam's parents April Margera and Phil Margera, uncle Don Vito and occasional appearances from the Jackass crew. Radio Bam's first episode aired on 11/04/2005. The last episode aired 02/18/2013. There are over 300 Episodes. Episodes 297 & 298 haven't been recorded. If you have them please contact me. If you'd like access to the entire archive donations are preferred. Contact me for more info.

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Radio Bam #3


EPISODE 3 - 11/29/04

Bam Margera - Rake Yohn - Jesse Margera - Brandon Novak - Brandon DiCamillo

The Quiet Place - In Flames

Creeping Inside - Negative

Stranded - The Saints

Ride With Us - Turbonegro

Still Waters Run Deep - The 69 Eyes

-Bam explains why he loves private jets, his autograph signings and why Novak is the “Dreamseller”

-Novak talks about a girl at the signing that he does in the bathroom

-Novak bossing around Devito and other Viva la Bam producers

-Talk about Matt Cole’s favorite beer and how he drinks and drives

-Bam tells about when Matt drove him to the airport with a flask and a six pack

-Jess says he measures distances by six packs and how cKy almost got kicked off the Guns ‘N’ Roses  tour because of Matt

-Bam calls Matt and ask about his drinking and driving.

-Matt talks about how he got caught smoking weed at a Ozzy Osbourne concert.

-Bam asks about when Matt ran away at 14 with bologna and weed.

-Bam & Jess talk about their first ever metal concert and Matt’s belly button ring.

-Bam talks about how he got the number PORNBAG

-Dico apologizes for giving our Rake’s number and gives it out again

-They take calls

-A girl calls and says “Bam your so fucking cool!” and tells him he’s hot and rambles on about how great she is. Novak tries to sleep with her. They’re going to put her on the guest list for an upcoming Cradle of Filth concert.

-A guy calls and says he can’t top the girl but he asks about how Raab shits on the glass window in New York in cKy 4. So Bam tells the story.

-Novak mentions Ryan’s nickname Random Hero came from Novak saying that make sure no Random Hero arrests Raab and they decided that was Dunn.

-Jess brings up how Phil jumped the fence at Graceland and dogs chased him out of there

-The girl from the phone sent a picture of herself and Novak declares she’s hot

-Novak and Bam talk about how when the MTV guys come to wake up Bam, Novak is always jerking off in the living room

-Bam and Jess talk about catching each other jerking off when they were younger

-They talk about Ape finding Raab and some girl in the kitchen

-Bam tells a story about catching Raab when they were 17 jerking off in the haggard basement with baseball oil

-Jess tells about the going the bathroom on a plane and farting and walking back out to sit down with Deron and everyone on the plane could still smell the fart

-Bam talks about a plane ride with Steve-O and Pontius and another flight with Dunn when they got annihilated

-Novak tells a story about him and Bam on a plane at Thanksgiving when they pull an all nighter the night before

-Novak talks about his Thanksgivings in jail and talks about his father

-Novak talks about Bam buying his Lamborghini

-Dico as Rake signs the show off and introduces the last song



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